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About Us

Coleman Street Chambers LLC is a boutique law practice in Singapore focusing on criminal and commercial litigation. We have acted for a wide variety of multinational corporate and individual clients, and our experience includes practising in large Singapore and international law firms and serving as in-house counsel. We believe in providing prompt, practical and business-friendly advice, and are committed to providing the highest standards of legal services to our clients, big and small.

About the Director

Mr Daniel Chia read law at the National University of Singapore on a Singapore Government Public Service Commission Scholarship, graduating in 1997 with a LL.B (Honours) (Second Class Upper Division).

He was appointed State Counsel and Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Attorney-General’s Chambers from 1998 to 2000. In this capacity, Mr Chia directed enforcement agencies (including the Police, Commercial Affairs Department, Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau and Central Narcotics Bureau) in all aspects of investigation and prosecution. Mr Chia was also involved in and conducted numerous criminal trials, appeals and inquiries at the then Subordinate Courts and the Supreme Court.

From 2000, Mr Chia was admitted to private practice as an Advocate and Solicitor of Singapore. He was also admitted as Solicitor of the Rolls of England & Wales in 2003.

While in practice, Mr Chia represented numerous multi-national and regional companies, financial institutions, liquidators/receivers, organizations and businesses in the full spectrum of legal services. He has considerable cross-border and regional experience assisting clients in all aspects of legal practice, including contract, M&A, corporate/commercial, employment/redundancy, intellectual property rights portfolio management and enforcement, regional product recall and the establishment of internal compliance and fraud prevention programs within their organizations. In respect of the latter, Mr Chia developed and reviewed internal compliance programs and manuals for many clients for implementation on a regional or global basis, having regard to the unique circumstances and laws of different countries. Mr Chia has trained senior management of some of the world’s largest companies in in-house preventative programs on corruption, fair competition, fraud prevention and crisis management.

Mr Chia has extensive experience and represented clients in all aspects of litigation, from simple breach of contract and debt recovery to complex white-collar crime litigation. Mr Chia has acted and advised a variety of significant, Fortune 500 clients and high nett worth individuals in diverse areas of litigation ranging from corporate governance, internal fraud investigations, tracing or recovery of assets, and crisis management, to legal proceedings for breach of contract, conspiracy to injure, insurance, negligence, intellectual property rights infringement, and complex employment issues including negotiation and termination of employment (including C-level officers), preservation of trade secrets, confidential information, patents, design, trademark and copyright matters. He has appeared as counsel before both the High Court and Court of Appeal.

As for corporate experience, Mr Chia has substantial experience in all aspects of M&A and corporate/commercial work (both within Singapore and in regional countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand), including corporate secretarial management, contract negotiation and drafting and conduct of M&A deals and structuring. He has negotiated, structured and drafted a variety of contracts, ranging from sale and purchase of assets and businesses, share issue or subscription, joint ventures, public private partnership, interface agreements, to distribution, SAP, franchising, distribution, outsourcing, shared services, IT procurement, employment, intellectual property licensing, vendor, customer and settlement agreements.

In October 2011, Mr Chia decided to establish his own litigation and corporate practice, Coleman Street Chambers LLC. Coleman Street Chamber LLC has since acquired a loyal and growing stable of reputable corporate and individual clients in Singapore and the region.

Coleman Street Chambers LLC also works closely with and in association with various top international law firms as Singapore counsel, as well as a network of regional associate law firms.

Several of Mr Chia’s articles have been selected for publication in leading Singapore law journals. Several cases in which he was involved have also been reported.

The High Court in Lim Quee Choo (Suing as co-administratrix of the estate of Koh Jit Meng) & Anor v David Rasif and Anor [2008] SGHC 36 and the Court of Appeal (the highest court in Singapore) in Mercurine Pte Ltd v Canberra Development Pte Ltd [2008] SGCA 38, cited with approval Mr Chia’s article in [1996] 17 Singapore Law Review (SLR) pp 221 – 243, and overturned a decade-old rule of civil procedure in Singapore, setting new law.

Mr Chia’s article in [2001] 13 Singapore Academy of Law Journal (SAcLJ) Page 406 – 427 has also been cited in Public Prosecutor v Hsu Yisong[2016] SGDC 128, and in Criminal Law in Singapore and Malaysia (Yeo, Morgan, Chan) (Lexis Nexis, 2007) at pp 320 and 322, the seminal text for criminal law in Singapore and Malaysia. The lacunae in the law identified in this article were eventually resolved in subsequent amendments to the Penal Code.

Professional Memberships / Appointments

  • Notary Public
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Member, Inquiry Panel
  • Member, Singapore Academy of Law
  • Member, Law Society of Singapore
  • Member, Law Society of England & Wales (non-practising)
  • Member, Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore

Some reported cases

  • Samsung Corp v Chinese Chamber Realty Pte Ltd and others [2004] 1 SLR(R) 382; [2003] SGCA 50
  • Ng Beng Siang and Others v Public Prosecutor [2003] SGCA 17
  • Samwoh Asphalt Premix Pte Ltd v Sum Cheong Piling Pte Ltd and another [2001] 3 SLR(R) 716; [2001] SGCA 79
  • Sea Trucks Offshore Ltd and others v Roomans, Jacobus Johannes and others [2019] 3 SLR 836; [2018] SGHC 248
  • Leow KweeHuay v Public Accountants Oversight Committee [2016] 5 SLR 770
  • QB Net Co Ltd v Earnson Management (S) Pte Ltd and others [2007] 1 SLR(R) 1; [2006] SGHC 183
  • Caterpillar Inc v Ong Eng Peng (formerly trading as Catplus International) [2006] 2 SLR(R) 669; [2006] SGHC 58
  • Orchard KTV & Lounge Pte Ltd v Recording Industry Performance Singapore Pte Ltd [2006] SGCRT 1
  • Creative Technology Ltd v Cosmos Trade-Nology Pte Ltd and Another [2004] SGHC 5
  • Creative Technology Ltd v Cosmos Trade-Nology Pte Ltd and another [2003] 3 SLR(R) 697; [2003] SGHC 188
  • Chinese Chamber Realty Pte Ltd and others v Samsung Corp [2003] 3 SLR(R) 656; [2003] SGHC 189
  • Public Prosecutor v Ng Beng Siang and others [2003] 4 SLR(R) 609
  • Public Prosecutor v Tan Hang Song [2019] SGDC 52
  • Public Prosecutor v Wang Kim Fatt[2016] SGDC 281
  • Unique Lucas Pte Ltd v Wong Kim Peck [2016] SGDC 131
  • Public Prosecutor v Chia Hong Quan [2015] SGDC 33
  • Public Prosecutor v NYH [2014] SGDC 432
  • Public Prosecutor v Leow KweeHuay [2013] SGDC 419
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